DitreItalia has longstanding experience in the upholstered furniture sector. From when it was founded in 1976 by the De Marchi brothers to the sub-supplier period of the factory in San Martino di Colle Umberto, ongoing improvement in business performance has enabled the company to grow quickly. It has changed from an artisan business to the present-day company.


DitreItalia has two production units, spanning a total covered surface area of 40,000m2. Its headquarters is in Cordignano: this includes a large new showroom, created according to a particularly advanced concept of interior design, and offices, where designs are produced, marketing strategies are devised, sales policies are developed and administrative activities are carried out.


The DitreItalia distribution network widely covers all of Italy and is much more than a network of retailers. In fact, it is a direct interface system with its customers. It is entrusted to professionals with consolidated experience who are ready to provide assistance during and after the purchase of an upholstered product. DitreItalia has a turnover that is equally split between Italy and abroad, as shown by the presence of the brand in various European countries, including Eastern Europe markets, where it is rapidly gaining popularity.

Communication value

DitreItalia believes that communication is an essential tool for interacting with consumers. It invests in the press, planning advertorials that increase brand visibility, contributing to strengthening its popularity in a market segment in which it is already a point of reference. At the same time, DitreItalia is developing new marketing strategies, including a loyalty project also for abroad, which offers its partners new opportunities and advantages, and participation in promotional investment in the local media in order to increase retailer visibility..

Below: Elio De Marchi, Giovanni De Marchi, Vittorino De Marchi, Michele De Marchi.

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