Ditre Italia chooses tweed mélange for its 2016 sofa and armchair collection.


When weft and warp meet, the designer’s dreams and inspirations begin to take shape. And so for 2016, Ditre Italia products are now also available in the iconic fabric – tweed mélange.

Ditre Italia, whose focus has always been on attention to detail and its choice of raw materials, pays tribute to a great pastmaster, putting a new spin on its magical appeal of this fabric and giving it a fresh, contemporary look.
There is nothing more iconic than a
 tweed mélange suit. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have worn one will be familiar with its texture, its weight and the magical aura it conveys with the interweaved colours, woollen yarns and inserts in different fabrics.

Tweed is a particularly tough, hard-wearing fabric and is made with medium-fine carded yarns and coarser woollen yarns which not only make it stretchy and pleasant to the touch, but the perfect upholstery for sofas and armchairs.

And so this reinterpretation of haute couture becomes a leitmotif for home design, the underlying theme of the company’s elegant furniture which, just like a suit of clothes, “dresses” the living space, making it unique.