Ditre Italia inaugurates its new space at Farra Design Center of Beirut


Under the auspices of the Italian Ambassador to Lebanon HE Mr. Massimo Marotti, Ditre Italia inaugurated its new space at Farra Design Center in a themed elegant event „Story Unfolds“, on June 7, at FARRA design center, Mkalles, in the presence of Mr. Marotti, Mr. Ronald Farra CEO of FARRA Design and Mr. Michele De Marchi, CEO of Ditre Italia.

The event debuted with a conference by the Arch. Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Ditre Italia Art director who spoke about design and furniture saying, “All projects start as a dream. I don’t tell them. I just show them”. The cut of the ribbon started the inauguration of the elegant showroom Ditre Italia, which was exclusively awarded the first floor of the FARRA Design gallery.