Ditre Italia presents the new catalogue The Relax Collection 2017


The sofa and sofa-bed collection has been expanded to include the new products designed by Ditre Italia for 2017, to promote comfortable sleep.

With an increasing focus on designwear, where creating continuity between living room and bedroom products is at the heart of every design, Ditre Italia has launched its new ‘The Relax Collection 2017’ catalogue, with some 206 pages of completely new images, 16 designer beds, 8 sofa-beds and 6 completely new products.

Beds and sofa-beds have been created from a design idea that seeks formal continuity and reinterprets the company’s trademark sofas. It transforms them into unique products that stand out for their craftsmanship and carefully thought-out design, combining materials, fabrics and leathers. Comfort, style and beauty represent the idea of ‘the home’ that Ditre Italia wants to communicate through its new products in The Relax Collection catalogue: the Claire bed, the Lennox model in the sofa and sofa-bed versions, and the EclètticoKanaha and Dufflè sofa-beds.

In order to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need, Ditre Italia offers a structured collection of beds and sofa-beds, which use shapes and materials designed to bring warmth to the space and stimulate a real sense of well-being.