Argiano Dimore holiday farm chooses Ditre Italia


Located in the Tuscan countryside, on the hills of Montalcino, the Argiano Dimore holiday farm in Argiano, recently restored now houses the Ditre Italia upholstered furniture.

A fascinating and suggestive project by the Arch. Filippo Gastone Scheggi whose key concepts are elegance and tradition.

St. Tropez armchairs and Bublè sofas made with raw fabric coverings are able to repeat and interpret perfectly this combination of history and actuality, between modern design and recycled element.  The use of natural materials such as linen, natural wood and bricks finds in the modern lines of Ditre Italia furnishings essentiality and geometry.


The Flann bed is the protagonist of the sleeping area, capable of surprisingly changing its character with decided textile combinations as for the natural linen finish.

Lights, colors, materials and reused furniture, made precious by the new design, alongside the Ditre Italia products in the creation of an atmosphere of complete relaxation.