Monolith, the right choice for a modern and bright duplex in the capital


The renovation by architect Luca Matulli from Zerotrestudio, of a duplex apartment for a family residing in the EUR architectural complex of Rome, aimed at interpreting and integrating residential and working spaces.

The upper level of the apartment dedicated to the home, develops the theme of the equipped house, integrating the design of modern furnishings such as the Monolith sofa by Ditre Italia and their functions in the distribution of spaces. An organic sofa project built with modular volumes and a strong „family feeling“ inspiration that makes it perfect for this realization.

The lower level, an extension of the residential one, is dedicated to music production with a live shooting room and a recording studio, with acoustic settings coherent with the domestic context, which makes it one of a kind.

For the finish of the Monolith sofa, the architect has chosen a neutral color that recall the materials used for fixed furniture, such as poplar plywood in natural finish.