New L’Opera Arredamenti showroom


New “L’Opera Arredamenti” showroom opened in Rome by long-standing Ditre Italia partner in Lazio. 300 m2 packed with the best of made-in-Italy design and furniture and an entire floor of Ditre collections.

8 window displays, 2 levels and 300 square metres show the best of made-in-Italy design and furniture. The new space, L’Opera Arredamenti, was opened on 15 December in Rome by a long-standing Ditre Italia partner in Lazio.

An entire floor has been reserved for Ditre and its iconic sofas: ElliotSandersLennoxUrban and Artis, and the armchair Chloè, together with furnishings from the living room collection. It gives customers visiting the showroom the chance to fully immerse themselves, showing them the comfort this seating offers and letting them feel the quality of the upholstery with their own hands.

L’Opera Arredamenti has always flown the flag of the best in Italian production, offering customers unique products with the right mix of creativity and practicality. This philosophy is shared by Ditre Italia, which, not by chance, has chosen L’Opera Arredamenti as its partner.

The link tying these two companies together can also be seen in the top-notch tailoring, excellent craftsmanship, high-quality upholstery materials, graceful lines and modern-retro fusion, all concepts which have been perfectly represented in the showroom.

The new L’Opera Arredamenti display space is a starting point for Ditre Italia brand awareness, taking its quality products into the homes of long-standing L’Opera customers.


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