New showroom for Raimondi Idee Casa, Ditre Italia partner


Raimondi Idee Casa, a store dedicated to interior design in the province of Bologna, has recently renovated its showroom and renewed its partnership with Ditre Italia.

Raimondi Idee Casa was founded in Crespellano in the 1940s by a forefather of the Raimondi family who decided to follow up on his work as a carpenter and convert his workshop into one of the first of the company’s long-standing furniture stores.

Over the subsequent 75 years of history, the company has successfully evolved with the needs of the market and grown from the small family-run business it once was to become an important furniture company in Bologna.

Its ongoing  quest for high quality standards and customer focus are the secrets of the company’s success. Over the years, it has completely modernised its showrooms to offer customers cutting-edge products and increasingly innovative services.

As well as introducing competent and highly trained interior design staff in store, on hand to guide customers in choosing the right furniture for their home, the company has invested in the sofa sector and created a Ditre sofa store. Here, sofa consultants dedicated exclusively to designing and styling sofas and related furnishings are available to help customers, including through a home consultancy service. This practical alternative ensures an ad hoc furniture plan is carefully studied and presented to customers to suit their spaces and style of living.

Finally, the close attention Raimondi Idee Casa pays to innovation, combined with high quality, has directed its focus towards on-trend products tailored down to the finest detail. This ensures that you can find the latest models of sofasarmchairsbeds and furnishings by Ditre Italia in store.

For more information, visit our website http://www.raimondiideecasa.it/ or Facebook page @Raimondiideecasa.

If you would like to visit our showroom, you can find us at:


Raimondi Idee Casa Srl

Via Provinciale 186

40056 Crespellano (Bo)

Tel. +39 051 964131