SPIRITO DI CASA in Ditre Italia’s flagship store


A sensory analysis of spirits and cocktails, sitting comfortably on the sofa. The “Spirito di Casa” event, which took place on the evening of 16 February at the exclusive first Ditre Italia flagship store in the heart of Milan, was a big success.

Numerous guests including architects, designers and professionals from the furniture and design sector gathered to take part in a blindfolded sensory analysis of spirits and cocktails from the Bonaventura Maschio distillery.

The event was led by some of the big names in the field, including taste-philosopher Michele Di Carlo, a spirits and liquors instructor on the Master of Food programme organised by the Slow Food movement, and Francesca Mannis, an award-winning bar lady and a national cocktail-making champion.

The evening was livened up by music from singer and string musician Mariagiovanna Argento.

The venue for the event was the Ditre Italia Flagship store, a showroom designed to represent an all-encompassing vision of living, which has sofas and armchairs on display, as well as a full range of furnishing products. These include storage units, tables, lights and rugs, which all come together to create the ideal living space for the modern home.