Ditre Italia sponsors of the first Master Brand Ambassador


The first Master Brand Ambassador, dedicated to the valorization of Made in Italy brands, was presented at the headquarters of Unindustria Treviso, supported by Unindustria Treviso, Confindustria Veneto and different companies in the area including Ditre Italia, always attentive to the initiatives of territory.

The contents of the project were illustrated by Matteo Zoppas (President of Confindustria Veneto), Denise Archiutti (Delegate of Confindustria Veneto for Wood Furniture and President of the Wood-Furniture Department of Unindustria Treviso), Elena Donazzan (Councilor for Education, Training, Labor, Reindustrialization and Equal Opportunities of the Veneto Region), Federico Visentin and Giuseppe Caldiera (President and CEO of CUOA Business School).


The Master was born with the goal of defining a high level of training in the management and valorization of Made in Italy in all sectors and creating professional ambassadors able to communicate and promote the values of Italian Style in the world. The Made in Italy brand is a real intangible asset that can project Italian companies abroad and is the third best-known brand in the world after Coca-Cola and Visa.


A brand that Ditre Italia has been proudly using for over forty years to emphasize the added value of its high-quality products. Ditre Italia as a sponsoring company can select the participants for project work of interest, to bring testimonials and case studies.


The start of the training course is scheduled for January 22, 2018 and the offices will be Palazzo Giacomelli – Spazio Unindustria Treviso.