From 12 to 17 April the Salone Internazionale del Mobile will be opening its doors once again: this, the most important trade show in the world, celebrates the very best in national and international design.    

Ditre Italia will be exhibiting at the Salone del Mobile, launching its latest collections but also showcasing an organic sales concept that takes its inspiration from total look design.

The products and their emotional content will be complemented by a display system designed to convey the company’s vision in different shops and official dealers.

The stand has been conceived as a container of ideas and solutions, the product supports communication and vice versa:  the visitor experience will endorse the company’s standing as a leading cultural and productive force.

The new collections will be presented with a well-structured layout that will focus attention on a new display concept with articulated living spaces.

Living spaces today are landscapes, and houses are furnished following the principle of town planning.

When we speak of a sofa, it is in the singular, when we speak of a system of sofas, it is in the plural.

Living space is conceived like a town planning project, where every function and space is identified with a dedicated object but a single vision.

Bergere chairs, chaise longues and vis à vis seating provide input in the design of new sofas with a wide range of compositions with strong aspirational and emotional appeal.

The collections of cabinets and accessories will trigger off intense dialogue which may have many different meanings but one totally personal narrative journey.

The new collections will embody the company’s culture which, while always focussing on tailored detail, is also committed to new functions and designs.

The products will be presented with innovatively but pragmatically crafted materials:

new colours, fabrics and leather inspired by luxury leather goods represent catalysts of “artisan workmanship” which confirms the bespoke tailored look and meticulous attention to detail.