The leading company in the upholstery sector joins the ECOuture of the green fashion designer Tiziano Guardini, creating the first sustainable sofa.

Ditre Italia: a tailoring tradition that becomes green


Ditre Italia presents on the market a reinterpretation of its iconic Sanders Air sofa made of a green structure, upholstered in eco-friendly fabrics and with an animal-free and eco-friendly padding, as an alternative to goose down.

The whole frame and the base are in metal partly obtained from recycled ferrous materials. The seat suspension consists of slats made from recycled glass fibre and recycled PET. The cushions are made of natural latex and coconut fibre bonded together with natural rubber adhesives, instead of the classic foam rubber.


Even the cushions are composed of the Ecosy-Ethically Soft Made padding which is the result of a blend of recycled polyester fibres, obtained through the recovery of plastic bottles, through a totally traceable and sustainable process. The main characteristics of this material are its breathability, comfort, good resilience and softness.

This wadding is combined with a completely green upholstering which can be chosen among two different kinds of fabric: one is made from recycled PET and the other is cotton produced from recycled knitwear. The knitwear is sorted according to composition and colour to avoid wasting water and dye to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

Ditre Italia decided to collaborate for this project with Tiziano Guardini, the so-called Sustainable Fashion designer for his commitment in creating a better environmental future. The Company shares with him the thought of being part of a universe of actions in which the individual participates in the protection of our planet. Sanders Universe signed by Tiziano Guardini (designed by Stefano Spessotto) was created with this idea and is characterized by the eco-sustainable liners designed and signed by the designer Guardini, and by the possibility of disassembling and recovering each of its components at the end of their life cycle (the sofa is in fact assembled with no glue, the seat and prelining are biodegradable in 24 months).

The colour palettes available are monochromatic and inspired by the four essential nature elements: earth, fire, water, air, for a neutral outcome that matches perfectly in the living areas.

Ditre Italia decided to bind itself to the designer and study a product that fully represented the values of sustainability and respect for the environment, preserving the company DNA and style that has characterized the Company for over 45 years.