Ditre Italia carries on its sustainable commitment to contributing to the health of the planet started with the Greenwear program, through the new exclusive collaboration with theBreath® of Anemotech. This Italian company has been pursuing one clear mission since 2014: designing and creating products to improve people’s quality of life.

Pure Breath, the new exciting project of Ditre Italia, presents an innovative product that provides pure air in your home, with zero energy consumption.

The combination of theBreath® technology and the design that has always distinguished the company, results in the creation of a panel to be placed underneath the sofa, which filters the air and reduces pollutants from heating, allergens, chemical products and fine dust.

This innovative patented fabric, designed to retain and disintegrate harmful particles in the air, fosters its purification.
The air, in fact, flows naturally through, and/or tangentially to the three layers of the panel, becoming cleaner and more breathable as it recirculates.

The purification process is entirely passive: it uses the natural movement of the air, without any additional energy sources. The panel is also distinguished by being absorbent; biocidal; bacteriostatic; anti-odor and energy-free: features that match perfectly with the green philosophy.

TheBreath® has also passed product performance tests, obtaining important certifications that define its reliability and effectiveness.
With this project, Ditre Italia confirms once again its commitment to sustainability and its attention not only to protecting the environment but also to improving the quality of life of people.