Ditre Italia continues its sustainable commitment to create a better environmental future by presenting the new Longwear project, which allows the consumers to give a second new life to their products. Reduce, reuse, recycle. The 3 Rs are the mantra of the present that looks to the future. These are the principles on which the innovative program, part of the already launched Greenwear project, is based.

Ditre Italiaafter a careful evaluation of each model by a dedicated team – replaces the upholstering and acts on the structural parts of each sofa, sofa bed, armchair or bed made from 2015 onwards. Through this exciting new opportunity to fully overhaul products, the company is giving them a second life.
This means considerably reducing urban waste and related CO2 emissions, which are extremely harmful to the atmosphere. Ditre Italia continues to place environmental protection as a central theme in its mission, in accordance with the sustainable process started some time ago, which extends its pursuit also to the awareness of consumers to a responsible use of products.

Reduce waste, reuse goods, recycle worn-out parts. And everything is back to normal. Giving a second life to products means giving more life to the Planet.

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