Chic in Silk – Design meets Couture

Mantero 1902 print meets Ditre Italia Design


The design of Ditre Italia meets the finest Mantero 1902 silk, giving rise to a special collection of cushions featuring the evocative and iconic ‘La Campagna’ print drawn from the Mantero archives. This collaboration represents a homage to craftsmanship and made in Italy, distinctive values for both brands.

The project comes as a sign of the deep bond that Ditre Italia has always had with fashion, as recalled by the company’s payoff, Designwear. This partnership is an exceptional expression of culture and creativity, which combines the world of fashion and design, bringing colour, style and sophistication to Ditre Italia’s elegant creations.

The iconic Mantero 1902 print, “La Campagna”, an original creation from the Mantero Collection, is the protagonist of an exclusive collection of silk twill cushions reinterpreted with the chromatic codes of the new Ditre Italia collection. The motif depicting the gleaming and beauty of nature at sunset is in fact interpreted in six different colour options from the design company’s catalogue. Ditre Italia’s special shades define the brand’s colour language, using desaturated colours that express elegance and timeless style.

With this unique experience, Ditre Italia’s interior world is enhanced by presenting the Mantero 1902 silk cushion, a decorative and functional accessory. The delicate and fine silk adds a glamorous touch to the seating, while expressing the attention to detail and quest for quality that defines the company’s products.

Presented exclusively during the Milan Design Week in the Ditre Italia flagship store in via Solferino, the collaboration represents a special meeting between tradition and innovation, between craftsmanship and contemporary design, an immersion in the evocative and timeless atmosphere of the wild and romantic countryside, told by the collection print.