The elegance of bijoux merges with the retro charm of a thirties Milan apartment


Nomade Architettura Interior Design chooses the Bijoux sofa to furnish the new living area of an apartment in Milan built in the Thirties, a renovation which marries contemporary style with retro appeal.

As soon as you enter this apartment in Viale Abruzzi, Milan, you are struck by the bohemian, yet modern atmosphere inside. This was precisely the effect Nomade Architettura Interior Design wanted to achieve when it took on this renovation project for a young couple from Milan.

The Thirties mood of the apartment is very much in evidence, thanks to a number of original renovated features, but the whole space has also been given a decidedly fresh makeover with clever contemporary details by architect Selina Bertola. The two very different styles stand out most in the two bathrooms: in “hers” we find a more classic influence, while a more industrial design pervades “his”.

The focal point of the whole apartment, however, is the spacious living area which combines the kitchen, dining and living room, with clever use of lights and colours to give it a fresh, welcoming feel.

Nomade Architettura Interior Design chose the Bijoux sofa by Ditre Italia to furnish the living room which, with its understated elegant lines, gives the whole room a chic, refined allure. Designed as a versatile, highly modular sofa offering no end of composition options, the Bijoux sofa adapts perfectly to the needs of the living area, in this particular case blending in seamlessly with the retro style that runs throughout the apartment