« My great fortune has been being able to create a job following what I love the most. »

I have the opportunity to carry out an activity that comes from the cohesion of instinctive skills of creativity and passion for design, art, textiles, photography and everything that allows me to best express my personality. »

My multidisciplinary and conceptual approach consists of constant research, intuition, observation and analysis, and pays particular attention to the company characteristics to follow its strategy and respect its identity. « In my work the design is essential and comes first of all.

A work of art, an everyday object, a book, a memory, an emotion can be the inspirations from which a thought takes shape. Then it becomes a concept that joining the product, the company philosophy and identity as well as the market needs, turns into a project.

Dialogues between products, concepts, situations, colours linked by the power of harmony are created. »

The studio of Maria Gabriella Zecca deals with style. Since the beginning of the 80s’ it coordinates the image and aesthetics of many design, textile and fashion stories, carrying out an artistic-creative consulting activity for several customers of the furniture industry.

This is the result of an always rich and deep research with continuous attention to contemporary taste and to every sign of change.

The studio deals with interior design; creation of photo sets, stands, showrooms; selection of materials, finishes, fabrics and related colour charts.

In addition, it has always worked in the textile furniture field and for some of its customers is in charge of the art direction and design of textile collections.