Studio associato Edi e Paolo Ciani

Studio associato Edi e Paolo Ciani

Product and Interior designers of Studio Associato, Edi and Paolo Ciani deal with furnishing accessories and Interior design items for over 30 years.

Both of them achieved the diploma of technical designer of furniture.

In 1987, Edi Ciani began his activity of design of furnishing accessory and Industrial Design items.

In 1992, he founded the Studio Edi e Paolo Ciani Design with his brother Paolo.

The Studio has always been reference point, in particular for the companies of Distretto Industriale della Sedia and for northern Italy, but it is also sought by prestigious international companies.

What characterizes it is the possibility of developing prototypes in their own  craftsman’s workshop and the ability of the Ciani brothers to combine the experience in technology and the processing of various materials with the typical Made in Italy design, with an attention always aimed at respecting the ergonomics and comfort, at the analysis of the functional and constructive aspects, at technological innovation and research and experimentation of new materials. From the conception of the first drafts, Edi and Paolo develop their projects taking into consideration the necessities, the potentialities and the technologies available in the client’s production process. This is a fundamental aspect for the industrialization of the product.

Over the years, the Studio has developed a department entirely dedicated to three-dimensional computerized development for the virtual creation of models, the creation of photorealistic images and the elaboration and printing of technical drawings; it has an inside laboratory equipped for the realization of prototypes in full scale and a 3D printer for the realization of small details or small scale models.

Numerous are the prizes and awards received during their career: Young & Design, Catas Award, Top Ten Award, « Wood Casual Furniture » and « Best of Show » at the « ICFA Design Excellence Awards » in Chicago, Interior Innovation Award in Cologne, Red Dot Design Award in Essen.

The Studio currently collaborates with numerous leading companies in the furniture-home, office, outdoor, Health & Care, HORECA and childhood furniture sectors.

« Design can be understood as an expression of creativity or as a synthesis of simplicity and elegance »: this is the philosophy of Studio Ciani Design. Design is never an end in itself, but it is harmony in the use of materials and the most advanced technologies that make a project an innovative product.