“I wonder about the meaning of the word inhabit. We usually associate the term with a “house” made of walls and ceilings, but what if we were to talk about inhabiting planet Earth? It’s a change in perspective that guides who we are and how we behave in the direction of respect, a new form of progress. This planet is an island where we live in the hope that it depends on all of us.”

This is how Tiziano Guardini describes his approach to design. Respect for the environment and life on the planet are combined with creative experimentation, in an ethical and aesthetic vision. A search for materials, workmanship, form and content and a new way of approaching the creation of forms, which skillfully mixes tailoring and innovation.

Tiziano Guardini, sustainable fashion designer globally recognized for his creative and environmental sensitivity, wins the first Green Carpet Fashion Award as Best Emerging Designer and the Peta Couture Award. In the last few years he has exhibited his works in important stages including the V&A Museum and the United Nations, with which he collaborates for special projects with the aim of promoting a conscious design.
A creative work is that of Tiziano Guardini, who becomes the expression of a global awareness in which we move back in nature because, as he himself says, “there is no difference between us and the environment”.