Greenwear Philosophy is the Ditre Italia project that summarizes the company’s sustainable commitment to contributing to the health of the planet.

Always committed to guarantee quality products with a sophisticated design, Ditre Italia has introduced in its philosophy a sustainable development process, consistent with the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda, supporting an ever-increasing attention to the respect for the environment and personal well-being.

The awareness of this issue, which is a current topic, is reflected not only in the choice of innovative materials obtained from processes with a low environmental impact, but also in the conversion of ordinary activities in an increasingly responsible perspective.


Sanders Universe is Ditre Italia‘s first green project. Born from the precious collaboration with the fashion designer Tiziano Guardini, talented creator of eco-sustainable fashion collections, the 100% green sofa is a real innovation within the company’s proposal.

This new interpretation of the iconic Sanders Air (designed by Stefano Spessotto) presents new exclusive characteristics: a green structure; eco-sustainable fabrics and the particular animal-free and eco-friendly padding, as alternative to goose down.

Sanders Universe can be declined in four different compositions, inspired by the essential elements of nature: earth, fire, air and water, each of them defined by a color palette, that recalls the element to which it is linked.

Recently awarded with the prestigious recognition of the Archiproducts Design Awards, – Special Sustainability Mention – in the Furniture category, the sofa defined “with an eco-sustainable dress” is one of the concrete symbols of the new Greenwear philosophy.


Ecosy is a new alternative padding to down, made of a particular blend of recycled polyester microfibres, obtained from the recovery of plastic bottles, through a fully traceable and sustainable process.

Its main characteristics of breathability, comfort, good resilience, and softness to the touch, make it an exclusive product, able to exploit fewer resources, consequently reducing waste.

Its quality and softness guarantee relaxation and optimal comfort.


The green perspective also extends to the new eco-friendly fabrics, part of Ditre Italia proposal, which contain yarns regenerated from waste materials, such as used clothing, plastic bottles, fishing nets etc …
At the end of their life cycle, these items are not disposed in landfills: they are recovered and regenerated, through a complex physico-chemical decomposition process. This allows to obtain a yarn with the same performance characteristics and quality of a similar virgin product.

The new wide variety of eco-friendly fabrics and colors comes from a refined selection, that allows the consumer to customize the products to the maximum.

Preferring this type of coating has many advantages: a lower consumption of energy and water; less waste and pollution; well-being of both the person and the environment.


Ditre Italia products are the result of careful and accurate manufacturing, created with the aim of durability through time.

By following the care and maintenance instructions, as well as the type of cleaning suitable for fabrics and leathers (indicated at the time of purchase), the items will have a long life cycle, and will contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact and to environmental protection.


The environmental protection and the attention to the well-being of the person also includes the responsible behaviour even in the daily actions, such as the printing of catalogues.
Ditre Italia entrusts the certified print house FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® for catalogues printing. This brand guarantees that the cellulose contained in the paper comes from responsibly managed sources.
The printing technique, defined Premium Color Print, conceived and registered by Grafiche Antiga, allows the use of textured or non-textured papers, with results equivalent to UV printing, with the significant advantage of environmental sustainability.

This guarantees the use of vegetable-based offset inks, less aggressive de-ink processes and color retention, brilliance and tonality even in uncoated papers.

The printings are also certified “stampato con il sole”, a logo that ensures at the same time a low environmental impact, thanks to the photovoltaic system of the factories where they are made, and at the same time an excellent quality standard.


Ditre Italia carries on its sustainable commitment to contributing to the health of the planet through the new exclusive collaboration with theBreath® of Anemotech.

Called Pure Breath, the new exciting project of Ditre Italia, presents an innovative product that provides pure air in your home, with zero energy consumption.

The combination of theBreath® technology and the design that has always distinguished the company, results in the creation of a panel to be placed underneath the sofa, which filters the air and reduces pollutants from heating, allergens, chemical products and fine dust.

This innovative patented fabric, designed to retain and disintegrate harmful particles in the air, fosters its purification.

The purification process is entirely passive: it uses the natural movement of the air, without any additional energy sources. The panel is also distinguished by being absorbent; biocidal; bacteriostatic; anti-odor and energy-free: features that match perfectly with the green philosophy.

TheBreath® has also passed product performance tests, obtaining important certifications that define its reliability and effectiveness.


Reduce, reuse, recycle. The 3 Rs are the mantra of the present that looks to the future. These are the principles on which the Longwear project is based, which was created to give a second life to your furniture pieces.

Ditre Italia – after a careful evaluation of each model by a dedicated team – replaces the upholstering and acts on the structural parts of each sofa, sofa bed, armchair or bed made from 2015 onwards.

Reduce waste, reuse goods, recycle worn-out parts. And everything is back to normal. Giving a second life to products means giving more life to the Planet.

*Contact an authorised dealer for full details.